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OLMOMS e.V. - we are a non-profit Christian organization.

Our goal is to make the Our Lady’s Messages of Mercy to the World available and known to the broadest possible audience. Our second aim is to support disabled children, as well as their often over-challenged parents, regardless of their confession or worldview.

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Florian Homm's story and path of life - the way to God and Mary

Florian Homm is Founder and Director of OLMOMS e.V.

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Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World – Now available

Stefan Dosdal | 26. September 2017
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The Blue Book “Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World” is obtainable at Amazon. The 438-page book can be found under the following ISBN: ISBN-10: 197579396X ISBN-13: 978-1975793968 To receive the Messages of Mercy, please take a look at the following page: How do I use the Blue Book […]

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Charitable Donations (the options)

Stefan Dosdal | 12. September 2017
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All donations are enormously appreciated and are used for worthy causes with a minimum of administrative costs. Please fill in your full name and address, so that we can send you a legal donation receipt, should you wish to make your donation tax deductible. Tax deduction will not be possible […]

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Baptism of Stefan Dosdal, Easter Saturday, April 15th 2017

Stefan Dosdal | 12. September 2017
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On April 15, 2017, Florian Homm was the godfather at Stefan Dosdal’s adult baptism during Easter Night 2017 in Jessen, Germany. The small but very active catholic community was able to witness the baptism of Stefan Dosdal on this day. A Catholic adult baptism is rather unusual in Jessen and […]

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Florian Homm's Message for You

Our Lady

Our Objectives OLMOMS e.V.

Our Lady's Message of Mercy Society (gemeinnütziger Verein, a duly registered charitable organisation according to German Law and Regulation) was founded in Annaburg (Germany) January 7th, 2017. We are Christians. The Board of Directors consists of Stefan Dosdal and Florian Homm. We firmly believe, based on our personal experience, that the messages contained in Our Lady’s Messages of Mercy to the World positively influence society and allow individuals to experience, faith, hope and love and lead more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Our Lady’s Book is a Christian script. All people are precious, unique and God’s creation. We are all equal before God, our creator. Our Lady’s Messages thrive on lasting and positive values. The messages provide daily guidance, reassurance and constructive input for all souls facing challenges, doubt and worries. Some of the central values contained in the messages encompass: charity, love, faith, trust, respect, peace, forgiveness, education, loyalty, family, community, friendship, hope, justice, solidarity and responsibility. Christian values ​​are of central importance. We abhor intolerance, hatred, spiteful dogmatism, blind, destructive accumulation of wealth and power. We want to do everything possible to make people more familiar with the values ​​and guidance contained in our Lady’s messages.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the Blue Book „Our Lady’s Messages of Mercy to the World" more popular, readily available in English and German and many other languages. More than 100,000 books are currently in circulation, mostly in English. There are communities throughout the world, in Europe, North America and Asia which thrive on Our Lady’s Messages.

Your donations are important. We do not receive any direct or indirect compensation for our efforts. There are no management or administrative costs and fees, which reduce the value of your donation. Each Euro received will be channeled 100 Percent for charitable causes.

Your donation enables us to make more books available and help handicapped children in need. Our association can only bear fruit and develop with your support. We thank you for your love and generosity towards souls in need.

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Disabled children

Every day 100 children are born in Germany, with a permanent physical disability and / or mental health impairment. Every soul is important and has a right to life in dignity - children who grow to become adults or those who lead only short lives here on earth. We also seek to support those parents, who struggle to cope with the challenges posed by a handicapped child. Frequently financial resources are insufficient, even a small vacation is unattainable, a dignified Christmas celebration nigh impossible. The most frequent disabilities are Down syndrome, autism, leukemia, extreme allergies, MPS, and mental retardation resulting from of alcohol or drugs during pregnancy. We provide life critical support for those children afflicted with severe ailments as well as their overly challenged parents.

Please donate. We will inform you about specific projects in our „News" section.

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Christian values, seminars, testimonials

We regularly organise seminars to advance Christian values, as exemplified by Jesus, to an audience of atheists, seekers, agnostics, believers and non-Christians. We interact with victims and perpetrators of crimes, addicts and seriously troubled individuals. We are not afraid. Our mission is to help individuals find peace, charity, purpose and love in their lives through our Lady’s Messages of Mercy and of course Jesus Christ. Stefan, Florian and hundreds of thousands have already benefited immensely from these messages. We need to spread them and make them known out of a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation. We firmly believe in full transparency and accountability. Any member of our charity is welcome to review, on short notice, our accounts and charitable contributions.

Our lectures introduce you to Our Lady’s Messages of Mercy and how Mary will help you mater your challenges and lead you to her Son. Many believers, believe that only the direct path to Jesus is the path to salvation. Be that as it may, but our life testimony shows that we found our Saviour Jesus through Mary. This is the subject of controversy among various Christian dogmas. We could not care less. Many ways lead to our Lord, and we will never falsify our testimony to please those who think otherwise. Jesus is love. Love is Jesus. Without the slightest doubt, Mary has brought us to her godly Son.

Should you wish to meet us, partake in a seminar, receive personal coaching, then please contact us by email or our contact form

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„My love is a free blown sail, hoist your gib and catch my love, gusting like the wind in your soul“ (Mary)

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Our Ladys Message of Mercy to the World

„Again I remind you to simple open the Book at any page and you will find the paththat leads to peace and know an indescribable joy.“ (Mary)

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